Connect your business with the thousands of urban commuters who use sustainable transport everyday!

Join a network of brands working towards creating greener cities!

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Big or small we provide an affordable and unique way for your business to engage with the hundreds of thousands of commuters  who travel in the city everyday

How it works

Step 1
Download our app and register your business
Step 2
Once your approved you can create your own campaign
Step 3
Get a full overview of your live campaigns and manage redemption of rewards directly in the app
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Creating a campaign on the Earth Miles for partners app takes less than 10 minutes. Once this is done you simply need to ensure redemption link’s or codes are operational for our members. 

It is free to create a campaign on our platform, and we operate a no win no fee model, so you only pay for real conversions, not impressions, or clicks.

Earth Miles only provides the redemption opportunity for the user, the payment for your product/service should be handled by you. 

We have our own QR code distribution and verification system that can be used for physical stores, or we support digital redemption types such as Promo Codes. 

Everyday hundreds of thousands of commuters use sustainable transport in the city. We help promote your business to them, increasing visibility and revenue. Whilst simultaneously encouraging the use of sustainable transport in the city.